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Welfare at Hilda's

St Hilda’s is a college which prides itself on the welfare of its students. More than just an institution of study, as a community, we believe that the quality of our work is dependent on the quality of our health. This can manifest itself both physically and mentally, and there are many resources available for students whenever they may need it. This is primarily found through our men and womxn’s welfare representatives on the JCR committee, yet extends to the LGBTQ+, Trans, BME, International, Womxn’s and Disabilities Reps. We also have officials in college who we can refer to when necessary. 


Below is more information about the peer-supporter role of welfare at Hilda’s and other resources:

Peer support

The peer support system relies on a group of trained students to provide their fellow students compassion and support when they are having problems – both big and small. It offers the opportunity for anyone to talk to someone willing to listen in a setting of trust, confidentiality and support. College members trained as peer-supporters are not there to give cure-all advice, but rather to help you talk through things you would otherwise not feel comfortable doing with friends. If required, they are also able to signpost the easiest paths to contacting tutors, medical staff, counsellors and other helplines etc. The welfare reps are especially prepared for many situations, having to undergo 24 hours of peer-supporter training during Michaelmas. 

The important thing is all members of the JCR should be able to contact college peer-supporters whenever they need to. 




general welfare

Our most regular fixture in the welfare calendar is our weekly welfare tea on Sundays during term time. Everyone is welcome ! Feel free to come down to the JCR to have some free snacks accompanied with a game of pool, chill out on the sofas, and catch up with friends. It's a great way to have a break from work and get to know people from across the undergraduate community. We post the precise timings of the tea on Facebook and Instagram each week. 


Understandably, the intense eight-week terms sometimes get a little tricky even for those with the toughest mental constitution. This usually comes around halfway through the term and is colloquially known among Oxford students as ‘the 5th Week Blues’ (as it typically falls around fourth/fifth week). Luckily, the welfare team are on hand to help. Every term we organise a week of events known as Welfare Week to bring people together and spend time relaxing with friends in a laid-back environment. This can include free trips to Knoop’s, welfare banquets, potter-painting, pub quizzes, movie nights and more!


This year we are also introducing safe spaces during BOPs in the JCR. Converting the OLL into a space in which people can take a break from the high-energy environment of Hilda’s BOPs ensures more people feel able to attend knowing there is somewhere to go should they feel uncomfortable. Here, you can find your fellow peer-supporters happy to chat or lend an ear.

sexual health 


The welfare team is fully stocked with a range of sexual health supplies. This includes condoms, lube, access to pregnancy tests, dental dams, sex toy wipes and rape whistles – all of which are free for all JCR members to access on request. Just drop your welfare reps a message (either on our shared Instagram or individually), letting us know you would like a discreet delivery of whatever you need straight to your pidge. 


Key contacts 


Welfare Reps: 

Katya Ferrier (

Reuben Meadows (

College Welfare Officer: 

Dr. Laura Lysenko (

Disability Fellow:

Prof Lorna Smith (

Disability Coordinator:

Rebekah Unwin

College Doctors and Nurse:

Vicki Manellari – she is available every weekday during term time, and appointments can be made by emailing

More information can be found in your student handbook. 

Your GP Practice you should be registered to is Banbury Road Medical Centre. Their telephone number is 01865 515731. While reasonably far from Hilda’s, they run in-college appointments every week, and the receptionist can help organise a consultation for you. 

College Counsellor: 

Available in College by appointment for two sessions each week (weeks 0-9). They can be contacted with the email:


The most senior figure in the college welfare department:


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