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Sports and societies

For any queries, contact the Sports Reps:

Milly Fewlass-Jones ( or Ben Phillips (

Or the relevant team captains


- Seb D'Arcy Rice (

- Milly Fewlass-Jones (


- Elisa Smith (

- Annie Bynoth (

Women's football

- Annie Lloyd (

Men's football

- Bartek Cichowlas (

- Tom Barnes (


- Ashley Wong (

- Jonathan Chan (

Mixed Touch Rugby

- Juliette Shorey (

- Ben Phillips (

Women's Rugby

- Juliette Shorey (

Men's Rugby

- George Fowler (

- Dan Haslett VP (

St Hilda's College Boat Club (SHCBC)

Women's Rowing

- Kathryn Brooks (

Men's Rowing

- Luke Gribbin (


- Cristina Marson (

- Max Harper (

- Jess Morris (


- Josh Greensmith (


Emily Townsend (


Iona Phimister (


- Maddie Lay (


- Nicole Liu (

Christian Union

- Rebeccah Williams (

Hilda's only law society

Fancy trying rowing?

We welcome everyone at St Hilda's College boat club (SHCBC) regardless of ability! There will be taster sessions during the first few weeks of term. 

During Michaelmas, outings are mainly early mornings, with some on the weekend. They're a great way to start your day and you can return to breakfast at college when you're back. There will also be ergs dry land training to help with technique, strength and endurance for the water sessions. There are also a few chances to compete against other colleges in Hilary and Trinity! 

see the list above for captains if you have any questions/queries for them

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